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Monday, May 01, 2006

Running the perfect marathon

Here is a letter from Andy who ran the Rotorua Marathon over the weekend (Reprinted with his permission):

"Hi Gary,
Thanks for your advice and help over the past 12 weeks, the guide is excellent and I constantly referred to it during my training and post marathon. I’m trying to think of suggestions but to be honest I can’t really think of anything substantial!
For the record I ran the second half slightly faster than the first and managed to make up a couple of minutes over the last 10kms.
10 km 53mins
21 km – can’t remember exactly but was over 1.45min
42km 3.29mins


Gary Moller Comments:
Andy had what can be considered close to the perfect marathon, something that an estimated 90% of participants in a marathon fail to achieve on the day (For the record; out of over a dozen or so marathons, I can say only two went perfectly). So many things can go wrong during a marathon and even the slightest upset or oversight can cost much time and cause unbearable suffering. 3hrs 29min over the tough Rotorua Marathon course is a good time. While I have not yet seen the overall results, this would easily place Andy well up in the top half of the field.

The publication referred to: "Training for a Marathon" can be downloaded for free. It is best used with a broadband internet connection. Updates are guided by feedback and questions from readers. It started off as a 50 page e-book at the beginning of the year and has now blown out to about 100 pages and growing. A further update will be posted soon. If you have a product or service that you would like to advertise in the Guide, please contact me.

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Wayne said...

if you right click on the "Training for a marathon" link and then click save as you can specify a location on your computer such as "My Documents" to save the file to, so you will be able to read it at your leisure without having to connect to the internet in the future.
Adobe acobat reader is required to view this document.
if you go straight to the link you will also havea save as option at the top to again save teh file to your computer