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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Feedback from a Happy Camper

Hello Gary

I just wanted to let you know your website is turning into somewhat of a bible for me. I have just started "race-walking" beginning with a full marathon, then a 10k then a half marathon. I am now training midweek and was given the link to your website by Scottish Harriers. I have already found info on there that has been invaluable to me for personal health.... not to mention training aid with regards diet etc

So this is a thankyou. Thank you for volunteering your time and knowledge for people who cannot afford to go to a specialist or a nutritionist or visit the doctor for advice for things relating to living healthy and training healthy every time they have a question.

Thanks Gary, your website is invaluable
Kind regards
Gary Moller Comments:
"Thanks for the feedback "M". I can keep providing this service for as long as I have the support of my readers.

You can help by giving preference to the Myotec Online Store when purchasing any products of the kind sold there. In the end, I rely on building traffic to this website. You can help by referring your friends and aquaintances here, especially if they are unwell or injured. Please pass around my e-publications. If you have a website, you might like to place a link or newsfeeder on it that links to this site. I am happy to reciprocate.

Good News for my readers
I have almost completed this current round of upgrades to my site which means I about concentrate on producing more and more interesting daily content.

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