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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chocolate as a source of antioxidants

Its me again. Hello.
Can I ask if you have an opinion on chocolate - nice way to take an antioxidant!
please see above site
Gary Moller comments:
While I love chocolate, I am very sceptical of what is said in the article by a spokesperson for the cocoa industry. Chocolate is a billion $ industry and we hear little of research of the downside simply because there is no funding and no massive publicity machine to get the bad news out, even if the research somehow gets done.
We have a similar problem with products like coffee and sports drinks which are equally harmful to health.
A kiwi fruit or an apple can equally claim to have similar antioxidant benefits of cocoa but without the side effects.
I recall a client who was very unwell. It turned out he was addicted to peanut slabs, eating 8 per day.
There is merit in topping up the antioxidant levels. If you want a quality antioxidant here is one of the best:
All the best John.


Wayne said...

it better have a damned good antioxidant content , you'll need it to combat all the oxidising fat and sugat contained in it !!!

Gary Moller said...

It is probably correct that it is the added ingredients that undo many of the "health" benefits of the product in its pure form. There is no doubt that there is a link to ailments like migraine. So my advice is for all things in moderation and it is healthy to be naturally sceptical of the claims of industry representatives.