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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Reducing high blood pressure naturally - Reporting Success!

Several months ago, Bob (not his real name) came to see me. His sitting blood pressure was a consistent 185/118. This was of real concern because anything over 150/100 represents a serious health risk and he was urged to consult his doctor.

Bob, now in his mid 40's, was over weight with a distinctive pot belly and he had a liking for refined and fatty foods, including meat pies. He did not normally have breakfast.

Additional to seeing his doctor, Bob was also given the following supplements to help manage his blood pressure and reduce his risk of a stroke or heart attack naturally:
  • Magnesium
  • B group vitamins with nutritional co-factors
  • Fish Oil with vitamin E
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Chrometate multi mineral
In addition he was told to:
  • Make some muesli using the recipe from this website and have it daily for breakfast
  • Cut or eliminate the refined and fatty foods, including the meat pies
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Exercise daily, including doing sport and activities with his wife and children
  • Steadily lose his gut (Hopefully, this would happen naturally with the above)
After 6 months and with a further consultation mid-way, I can report that Bob's blood pressure, as measured at the same time of day is now a consistent 145/95. This is a wonderful result and represents a significant reduction in cardiovascular risk.

Bob has visibly lost weight and his complexion and skin look healthier. He reports having more energy and enthusiasm.

What Bob demonstrates so well here is the power of a holistic approach to managing common health problems like raised blood pressure that would normally be heavily medicated. He also demonstrates the importance of consistently implementing comprehensive nutrition and lifestyle measures, rather than picking, choosing, chopping and changing. Lastly, he demonstrates that these measures take time to work their magic - several months, years and then the rest of one's life.

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Wayne said...

the pot belly points to problems doesnt it? i hear all sorts of bad health stats linked with the old beer pot being an indicator. alcohol paralising the intestinal movement, not enough fibre, the intestines bloating out with pockets of indigested matter accumulating in the pot belly "middle age spread, plus lack of exercise to help keep the intestinal movement going and the bowels regular

Gary Moller said...

In this case, I do not think beer is much of an issue; but you are right that the "corpulent" belly is indicative of a number of potential ailments. The cleaning up of the diet by removing much of the refined foods and having the morning muesli all help expedite what you describe. Nowadays it is much less of a belly and the improvement in health and vitality are noticable.

Anonymous said...

A pot belly also suggests bloating by the presence of intestinal fungus. A diet that eliminates all refined carbohydrates and yeast-containing foods reduces the gut-size dramatically. The addition of grapefruit seed extract helps to kill the fungus and the gut can safely be repopulated with beneficial lactobacili.
My partner is using this regime and although he's lost very little weight (3kg) he's gone down almost 2 trouser sizes in 4 weeks. The gut has defated!