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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Low vitamin D, depression, high blood pressure and the rest

"M" has been suffering excessively high blood pressure, a racing heart, poor energy and depression. In her early 80's she has been consulting her doctor. Other than blood pressure medicine, there has been little else her doctor can do for her.

At my urging over some months, she finally persuaded her doctor to test her vitamin D levels. The results have come back: her levels were just 15 - as good as zero - which means she is seriously deficient and at real risk of numerous ailments including osteoporosis, heart failure and various cancers and nervous conditions!
Optimum vitamin D levels are in excess of 100, so "M" has a lot of work to do. Her Dr has prescribed cholecalcitrol (vit D) and I am encouraging her to get outdoors into the sunshine (If only there was some in Wellington!).

So far, every person that I have had tested for vitamin D who are suffering health problems, such as chronic pain have come back with levels less than 60.

Why on earth don't doctors test for this critical vitamin more often? I just can not understand why not.

I will keep readers posted as to "M's" progress. In the meantime, go get your own levels tested.

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