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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Are you addicted to caffeine and what can you do about it?

Are you addicted to caffeine? Do you really believe the popular hype that substances like coffee and chocolate are super foods, preventing everything from depression to cancer? Are you aware of the serious downsides of coffee and chocolate and all the other stimulants that soak our fast-paced society?

I just updated one of my most popular ever newsletters and turned it into an E-Publication.

If you think you might be hooked on caffeine or related substances, I have the test for you. If you are hooked, I show you how to get free and how to regain control.

I show you how to improve your health and zest for life.

Here is the direct link to the publication.


Edward Sargisson said...

Hi Gary,
Nice to see such a famous name at the Loaded Hog 5km yesterday.

I've had a long history of drinking more caffeine than I'd like. At one stage it was getting to 2 V's and a Coke a day. Sure the V's were sugar free but it still left me felling crap at the end of the day.

I've often tried to give it up but the afternoon tiredness hits and the habit starts up again.

At the moment, I'm 38 days caffeine free and counting. The trick for me is lime and soda. I realised that some of the desire for V was the mouth feel of carbonated water. If I have it with a bunch of ice then I get pretty much the same effect. Soda water has no calories and lime cordial has 13g of carbs (mostly sugar) per serving. This seems a good trade-off to me.

(And yes, I realise how sad it is to count caffeine free days when caffeine is nowhere near as dangerous as alcohol or other drugs. I have a whiteboard at home which all my flatmates can see where I keep a tally; keeps me honest.)

Gary Moller said...

Thanks very much for the helpful adice Sarge. With caffeine everyshere in in just about every social ritual, giving up and even moderating is easier said than done.
Not being a masochist, I can't say I enjoyed the race. But it was encouraging to realise that little slowing down has occured in recent years!

Wayne said...

Gary, the sad thing is we were all hoooked on caffeine at a young age if we guzzled coke regularly !

Wayne said...

apparently in parts of the world coke is the second most consumed drink after,,,,, water ! it was cokes goal to make it the most popular, coke are building a new warehouse in auckland, and it is absolutely massive, it would easily be several rugby fields in size. they are destined to fill more hospital wards than ever. you couldnt pay me enough to drink the stuff, we're heading down teh same road as the states, where most of their health problems stem from the almost exclusive consumption of processed food and drink.