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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Brutal murder of pensioner - Is there a link with diet?

"The murder of 77-year-old Doreen Reed was so brutal it attracted the attention of the FBI.
When Supervisory Special Agent Mark Safarik - a behavioural analysis expert at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia - picked up the story, he made contact with Auckland police with an offer to help catch the killer...A 15-year-old Glenfield boy is in custody,". (Click on headline for the whole story)

Wayne wrote this:
"How does somone get into such a mental state to do this?
a dental anthropologist travelled the world and amongst native tribes on traditional diets he found nothing but pleasant temperaments.

A policemen in london, put young offenders on a wholesome diet and had an almost 100% success rate of turning the offenders onto the straight and narrow.

If we let the children growing up thinking its OK to eat empty calories, and take drugs, we will end up with more of this,
The States has amongst the highest consumption of processed food, in the world, and is one of the most violent nations in the world."

Gary Moller comments:I wonder as well and it just so happens that I have been having discussions about this sort of thing with Impact Taurange, a charitable trust that provides residential care and schooling for troubled teens who have just about run out of options. This charity runs on the smell of an oily rage and most of the parents are not in a position to contribute much at all.

We have been discussing adding to these teens' diets a Blend of flax oil specially formulated for their needs. This is on the basis of exciting research that indicates supplementing teenage diets with omega oil may improve behaviour and academic performance. Impact Taurange wants to try it with their teenagers. Many, if not the majority, have been raised on suspect diets.

Because these teenagers are in residential care and formal education, their are objective measures in place of their behaviour and academic performance. If there is an effect from supplemenmting their diet, this should be apparent to their supervisors and educators and measured.

We are seeking a sponsor for trialing this intervention for a three month period. The cost is approximately NZ$600. If you can assist with this cost, that would be fantastic, as would referral to a potential sponsor.


Anonymous said...

I read your article and the info about the work these folk are doing with teens in Tauranga. I agree with the supplementing of their diets with flaxseed oil and the comments made by Wayne who notes the impact on behaviour of a combination of drug taking and the consumption of empty calories.

Further to Waynes comments, I have noticed an impact in the hormonal fluctuations of women with pre-menstrual tension and both before and during menopause; and people with anxiety and/or high stress levels when we take refined sugar out of the diet. Their thinking is clearer, sleep improves, reactivity is lessened considerably and the adrenals are less stimulated and can begin to recover. My comment is that often stressed folk could do a lot for themselves by eliminating refined sugar than by embarking on a course of prescribed anti-depressants or sleeping tablets.

I know of a company that is looking to do some sponsorship, I will forward the email re flaxseed on to them and suggest that they offer the products to Impact Tauranga.

kind thoughts

Cushla Reid
Naturopath & Neuromuscular Therapist

Natural Health Centre
Ph: 04 385 4342
Mob: 027 421 4900

Gary Moller said...

Cush, thanks for your valuable input.
While the prople at Impact are not nutritionists, and they are on a low budget, they are doing their best to offer the best foods they can. I am sure they will read your comments and take heed.