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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Goji Berry ban - an example of what we are in fo

"Goji berries, the latest healthy eating fad, may have to be removed from sale.
...the Food Standards Agency has warned health shops and supermarkets that unless the berry can be shown to have been commonly eaten in the European Union for more than 10 years, sale will have to cease on 23 March.
Importers and manufacturers will then face a two-year reapproval process.
The watchdog accepts there is no immediate threat to health but it must follow the EU rules.
The goji berries, said to help to combat heart disease, cancer and skin damage from the sun, have been eaten for centuries in China and other parts of Asia."
Gary Moller comments:
If New Zealand allows the establishment of the NZ Food Standards Authority, we will face the same ridiculous situation. Of course, the consumer will pay for the additional costs.

Big Pharma, with the assistance of their health bureaucrat buddies and friendly politicians is fighting a campaign to neutralise the most potent threat to their dominance of healthcare dollars - natural therapies, including nutritional and traditional therapies by indigenous peoples. They want you all to be like the patient in the photo to the left!

If you let them win, then your harmless herbal remedies, cheap vitamin C and cheap joint food powder may one day only be available through a doctor's prescription. They will cost a bucket load more than they do now.

Annette King is the Minister in charge. She is a former dental nurse. Has she been sniffing the mercury amalgum? This might explain why she is persisting with this scheme that nobody other than big pharaceuticals want. I understand that premises are already in place and the staff have already been recruited despite the fact that the legislation has yet to be passed. This is a pre-emption of the democratic processes of Parliament.

Please write to the Minister, Annette King, New Zealand Government, Parliament Buildings, New Zealand (No stamp required) and express your concerns about the proposed Therapeutic Goods Agency and why not pay your local MP a visit? They will listen to you.

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