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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Have you thought about setting up a home gym?

If you are paying up to $1,000 per year or more for a gym membership that you do not use often enough, have you ever thought about setting up a home gym?

Unless you are a groupie a home gym makes a lot of good sense. The kids, your partner, the Mother-in-law and friends can all benefit from the convenience. That's a lot of potential gym memberships you are saving!

I can now supply just about all the equipment you need for an amazing and compact home gym that you can install in that spare room or in the garage. What I can't supply, I can usually direct you to the best source. Get hold of me if you are considering setting up your own gym.

Go here to see the great range of exercycles, elliptical trainers, spin cycles and rowing machines that I am now selling.

I have an LG4 Firefox spin cycle that I won at the Gentle Annie Mountain Bike Ride last month. I loved the styling and the silent and smooth magnetic braking, so decided to sell them!


Anonymous said...

gary are you allowed to say things like that ??????? ;)

Gary Moller said...

Not quite sure where you are coming from - please elaborate, thanks

Anonymous said...

as you are an ex gym owner with links to the gym industry, it concerns me that some gym owners may become agitated by sugestions that people should set up home gyms, and this may lead them to damage valuable timepieces.....

Gary Moller said...

I have been out of the gym industry since 2001. I think there is plenty of room for many options for exercise and let's face it a commercial gym is not every body's cup of tea. Many people can not really afford the fees, others will never be able to attend consistently enough to justify the cost and others cannot justify the commuting.
For competitive athletes, like marathon runners, they should be spending time on the road and not in the gym. Most of us need to get out more. If we work indoors under artificial lighting then we should get out and exercise mostly outdoors.
However, the availablility of some basic gym gear at home is a good one to ensure a good balance in conditioing.
Finally, a small home gym can be complementary for the commercial gym user who might attend 2-3 times a week and work out at home on other days.