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Friday, March 02, 2007

Is avoidance of the sun causing serious ill-health?

I assume that my vitamin D levels are low, they can't not be. I spent 8 years inside in the shop eating my lunch on the run at the back of the shop. I didn't get outside much at all and by the time we got home at 5-30, 6.00 I certainly didn't stop and take in the sun.
I would never have gone out in the mid-day sun for a sunbathe if you had not told me about the vitamin D. I am finding it therapeutic just to lie in the heat, I come back inside rejuvenated." (excerpt from correspondence with a woman who has been experiencing chronic health problems and has been experimenting with several minutes sunbathing per day when she can)
Gary Moller comments
The Sunsmart and Cancer Society dictums that that we avoid the sun for fear of developing cancer is at the root cause of a national epidemic of vitamin D deficiency in children and adults.

Low vitamin D is implicated in a whole raft of serious chronic illnesses ranging from tuberculosis to depression to mulitple sclerosis and cancer. From trends that I am seeing in my own practice as a natural health consultant we are facing a national disaster.

An added benefit of full spectrum sunlight on the face is the stimulation of the pineal galnd deep in the brain to break down the hormone melatonin. Melatonin makes us tired, lethargic and very grumpy. This explains why bright sunlight is an effective antidepressant.

We are creatures of the light - not of the night.

Sunlight does not cause skin cancer - sunburn does. Let's get that right!

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