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Monday, June 04, 2012

Why a personal heart rate and blood pressure monitor can save lives

The modern digital automated blood pressure and heart rate monitor is very useful for people suffering heart or circulation conditions and might even be a life saving tool.
I recommend the Omron brand without hesitation.

Manage Your Heart with!
Used regularly, these devices give an indication of what is "normal". It will also give an indication of whether heart medication is working or not, or causing harmful side-effects, like low blood pressure. This is extremely valuable information to convey to your Doctor at the next consultation.

It astonishes and dismays me that powerful heart medication is being dished out in ever more numerous prescriptions but without any means of accurate ongoing monitoring of their effect. Especially so when there are so many reliable and affordable devices now available for the patient to use at home and at work. "Take three of these pills daily and let's see how it goes" is sloppy advice to give a patient with a heart condition. There should be daily monitoring for the duration that the patient is on drugs and the technology is available to do this.
These easy to use machines can also help to determine whether that case of "feeling a little under the weather", "indigestion", or "flu" is just that, or something potentially much more sinister like a slow or silent heart attack, requiring the immediate attention of a physician.

These little machines come into their own in the case of an emergency when you really do think someone may be having a heart attack and while you are awaiting the arrival of the paramedics or doctor. You can check their heart rate and blood pressure and convey the results by phone so they will be more prepared when they arrive. It also takes the guesswork out of determining if one must commence cardio plumonary resuscitation (CPR).

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