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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Active Elements Nutrient Testing Service

The Active Elements® Assessment

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Active Elements are Practitioner Only ProductsYou must complete a consultation with Gary Moller before you purchase any of the Active  Elements products. Please complete the Active  Elements Assessement.  Then please complete the consultation form to the right of the pages of to arrange for your report to be sent to you and to discuss your results with Gary Moller (Complete the "Practitioner Only Purchase" Form).  You may then make your final product purchasing decision.  

"You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." - Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner
"I feel GREAT already!!! My eyes feel like their wide open not half asleep. Got loads more energy.....feel much happier and not so worn out. Went for a walk last night after work and am going to get me some gear for the pool this week also." Kylee

New Clients: How to complete the Active Elements assessment
Please go to my Active Elements Log In page here.
The first question the system will ask you will be: "Is this your first assessment?" You should answer, ‘YES’. You will then be required to enter your basic details and to provide your own ‘Username’ and ‘Password’, which you must then use on future visits to the website (please remember your username and password).

At the very end of the questionnaire, you’ll have the opportunity to enter any comments that you may feel are important or relevant to your case (the more you can tell me about yourself the better).
In confidence, please tell me the following:
  • Tell me why you are doing this assessment and what you hope to get out of it
  • List all health and fitness issues and tell me if you are under the care of a health professional
  • List all medications and supplements and the reasons for taking them
  • List everything that you have eaten and drunk in the last 24 hours
  • Tell me about your exercise background and describe yourself - height, weight and so on
New Clients: Having trouble getting started? Please go here go guidance
The questionnaire will take you about 15 minutes to complete.

Here is the log in page again: my Active Elements Log In page

Gary Moller
DipPhEd PGDipRehab PGDipSportMed (Otago) FCE Certified, Nutra-Life & Kordel’s Certified Natural Health Consultant, Active Elements Certified.


Anthony said...

Hi Gary

I have a client with Infrapatellar Fat Pad Syndrome right knee.
He does pilates and strenghtens VMO and cycles. Noticed inferior lateral of patella . Can be slightly inflammed is not sore, when inflammation increased can be quite sore.

I work on left and right, Ql, TFL, ITB, and legs Anterior and posterior muscle groups.

He stretches, hamstrings, carves quods. Uses rolling pin after gym to ITB areas.

Still has issue when sort sprints or long duration cycling.

Any extra sugestion on follow up rehab I can preform.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Anthony Tutalo Australia

Gary Moller said...

First thing is to have a good look at diet. If lacking in any of the following: tissue salts, fat and water soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids or insufficient protein spread over the day then the anabolic processes will be overtaken by the catabilic ones and you will get the kind of tissue fragility and inflammation you describe. This is commonplace among athletes who get to a point in fitness that they can not get beyond.

Exercise, massage and other therapies are a waste of time if cell vitality is ebbing.

I generally work on diet with some supplements, as required, for about 2 weeks and then introduce a weekly deep tissue massage of the affected areas. Doing things in this order is important otherwise massage is little better than beating a person up.

For the general kind of issue you are describing, I find that a person can usually resume normal training from the day after the first massage. Despite the feeling of tenderness over the areas massaged. There should be significant progress after the 3rd deep tissue session.

Anthony said...

Hi Garry Thank you for your comments I will pass it on.

Anthony said...

Thank you Gary for your comments. I will pass it on.

Trevor M Healthy living Tips said...

There are some good liquid mineral supplements on the market. I have been eating healthy and using them for over 35 years.