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Monday, July 02, 2007

Advice about Palindromic Rheumatism

I was diagnosed 10 years ago with something called "Pallindromic Rheumatism" then I had a sports injury (flipped off my bike into a ditch) and had Fibromyalgia - the FM is completely gone - also I have as anyone would at my age 55 osteoarthritis. There never seems to be a definitive diagnosis in my mind - thats when 7 years ago I returned all the prescriptions to the Doc and went organic with supplements.

I take Calcium, a good multi, vitamin C with E and mix in a little baking soda to keep me alkaline, milk thistle when I'm on Robaxacet, niacin, super B's, probiotics and fish oil. I also stay totally away from anything that is processed. I juice at least every other day and basically start my day like no one else on the planet by eating vedge and fruit and I drink gallons of pure water.
The Pall R. migrates from major joint to major joint. The osteo affects both hips and spine, cervical, thoracic and lumbar....I do take something we have here called Robaxacet with a muscle relaxant that has helped me through a few hurdles. My biggest drug has always been exercise, and I'm very cognizant of not over doing, but movement is essential and my first drug of choice. I have started Bromelain which seems to help. Unfortunately they do not know what is causing the current problems (and frankly I don't expect them too) but I am having an MRI in July. Today I warmed up on the treadmill (slowly) did 30 minutes and then lifted light weights for a couple of sets.
All of the above started after consuming bad well water for 3 months just over 10 years ago - seemed to be a catalyst for the arthritis and it was at that time that I was diagnosed with hypothryoidism. BUT, a few years back I discovered that there were many foods that seemed to put me into a flare up i.e, salt, soya, peanuts etc......hence my organic and only fresh foods. I
also no longer clean with chemicals - it's all quite an amazing journey. I swam for a while but have some problems with chlorine so I wait for the warm weather and jump into any lake I can find.
Gary Moller comments:

Please view the video commentary for rheumatoid arthritis along with these notes:
  • Palindromic rheumatism is closely linked with rheumatoid arthritis. Read this.
  • The osteoarthritis and the allergies may have similar underlying causes - a dysfunctional immune system.
  • Fibromyalgia is related to mineral depletion and low vitamin D.
  • The hypothyroidism may be similarly linked.
  • Low vitamin D is a likely factor as is trace mineral depletion and deficiency in the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K).
  • All of these are essential for a robust immune system, strong bones, healthy joints and healthy metabolism (thyroid function).
  • Drinking pure water flushes the body of minerals and water soluble vitamins. It may interfere with digestion by diluting the digestive acids and enzymes.
  • Baking soda may interfere with digestion by neutralising the digestive acids.
  • Acidity in the digestive processes is also important for uptake of minerals.
  • A low fat diet that is also low in animal products, including organs like the liver, will not supply sufficient minerals or fat soluble vitamins.
  • Multi vitamins and other supplements of synthetic origins, may not be as effective or as safe as natural ones that are rich with nutrient co-factors.

  • Get a blood test asap to assess vitamin D status.
  • If less than 120nmol, take measures to boost it urgently (Free range egg yolk, organ meat from free range sources, raw grass fed full fat dairy products, fish head broth, beef bone broth, cod liver oil, natural vitamin D supplements (available from ).
  • During winter take 2-4,000 iu supplementary Vit D per day, unless levels are already well over optimum.
  • When you take the fat soluble vitamins, you must include fat in the diet with them otherwise their uptake is seriously compromised.
  • Get a hair tissue mineral analysis right away. Details here.
  • Stop taking baking soda. The juicing etc is alkaline enough.
  • Take a quality mineral supplement right away in addition to the diet recommendations.
  • Only drink as much water as needed to ward off thirst and this should be a rich mineral water - stay away from distilled water.
  • Start taking daily glucosamine and chondroitin (Powder form is best value) from . This nutritional supplement is of proven benefit and is applicable to all forms of arthritis, including the inflammatory forms.
  • Take up to 2,000mg of vitamin C per day through diet and natural supplements. Vit C is important for immune health as well as for healthy joints and connective tissue.

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