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Sunday, July 15, 2007

If you are consitpated, try this recipe

Constipation is a very common problem that can lead to serious health problems, yet the prevention and alleviation of constipation is very simple. There is never any need to resort to expensive and potentially hazardous medications that may deplete your body of already low levels of nutrients. The solution is a combination of diet and resetting your daily biorhythms.

Here is a sure-fire plan for relief:

  • Go to bed and get out of bed the same time daily, including weekends.
  • Go for a brisk walk each morning before breakfast.
  • Go to the toilet at exactly the same time every morning
  • Have a good helping of my muesli recipe for breakfast.
  • Have at least three pieces of fresh fuits daily.
  • Have leafy vegetables and root crops like carrots daily.
  • Have less refined foods, including less sugar and flour products.
  • eat your main meals at exactly the same time every day, including weekends and holidays
  • At night, before going to bed, have 2-3 New Zealand Kiwi Fruit and one dessert spoon of delicious Waihi Bush flaxseed Oil.
  • Keep this pattern of of behaviour going as best you can when travelling.

Within a week or so, you will find that your body has reset its rhythms of digestion and elimination so that they happen liek clockwork. Keep this pattern of


Many kinds of medications - be they for the heart, circulation, cholesterol, mood stabilisation or for reducing pain or inflammation - may affect digestion and the motility of the intestines. Even common aspirin can seriously affect the digestive tract. If you are taking medications on a regular basis, please discuss their potential effects on digestion and elimination with your doctor. In many cases, there is a natural alternative.

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