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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Super Smoothie Recipe for Athetes the Elderly and the Infirm

This is the Super Smoothie recipe that I have been using for years. It is a nutritionally packed supplement for all kinds of applications such as for athletes in hard training, maintaining strength in the elderly and for recovery following serious illness or injury.

It is ideal as:
An additional source of pre and post exercise calories that is packed rich with nutrients
  • A nutritious snack for children and teenagers after school and before exercise
  • A nutritious substitute for the usual less nutient packed breakfast
  • A meal substitute for the elderlyAn aid for recovery during and after injury or illness
  • Enough whey protein powder to give you 20-30g protein (see the label)
    • Whey protein is highly bio-available and may speed recovery after exhausting exercise or ill health
  • 2-4 scoops of milk powder, or a substitute, or use any kind of milk, or use apple juice or good old plain water
  • Home made acidophilus yoghurt. For nutrition, flavour and thickening.
    • The acidophilus is important for digestive health. If you can't make your own, buy an unsweetened, unflavoured brand and make sure it says "acidophilus"
    • If dairy intolerant, substitute dairy with any of the following:
      • Goat milk, but not soy
      • Coconut cream
      • Ground nuts
  • Banana &/or other fruit
  • Berries are wonderful, especially if you are following a low-carb diet.
    • Berries are packed with health benefits, including powerful antioxidants
  • Tablespoon of omega oil such as Waihi Bush flax seed, olive or wheat germ.
    • Fats are essential for digesting protein
  • Fruit juice like apple Water
Optional ingredients (highly recommended)
  • Brewers yeast flakes (This has quite a strong taste, so go easy on it!)
  • Lecithin.
    • A fat emulsifer that is also beneficial for the nervous system as well as the circulation
  • Glucosamine & chondroitin
    • Highly recommended for joint health and will assist repair after excessive or violent exercise, or resisting the wear and tear of advancing age
  • Creatine to assist explosive performance and recovery and in any cases of debilitation relating to age and illness
  • Wagner Ester C powder
    • The Queen of vitamin C and a powerful anti-oxidant to assist recovery, for strong collagen and resistance to infection
  • One fresh, free range, organic, raw egg
    • Raw egg yolk is highly nutritious and quickly digested.
    • But raw egg whites have small amounts of anti-nutrients that inhibit digestion of some nutrients. For this reason, raw egg yolks may be added to all smoothies, but whole raw eggs shouldn't be eaten more than about 3-4 times a week.
    • You can also make the smoothie without egg if you prefer. People who are allergic/intolerant to eggs, are usually reacting to the whites, and should still be able to eat the yolks.
    • If you are having raw egg, take any B vitamin supplements 2-4 hours either side because the protein in the egg may inhibit the uptake of the B vitamins.
Blend everything except the egg, then add egg and blend again for several more seconds. Egg protein is delicate and easily damaged, so add it towards the end of the blending to minimise any damage

Usage (sport)
  • Take 2 hours prior to and immediately after long or exhausting training sessions
  • Can be additional to usual meal
  • As a snack between meals
  • On recovery days or when feeling unusually tired or sore
  • Experiment as an energy supplement while exercisin
Usage (Ageing)
As one gets older, the need for calories diminishes, whereas the need for nutrients increases. This presents a difficulty for the older person who may be less hungry than years ago and apt to putting on body fat if taking in more than about 1500 calories per day.

Unfortunately, even the best diet of less than 2,000 calories may not contain sufficient essential nutrients to maintain optimum health. Malnutrition is rampant among elderly populations in countries like New Zealand.

The Super Smoothie offers an affordable and practical solution by being packed full of nutrients relative to calories.
  • Have as a highly nutritious meal substitute such as breakfast
  • Use as a nutrient-packed snack between meals
  • Take immediately after exercise to maximise the benefits of the exercise
Usage (Illness and Injury)
When ill or injured, one of the first things to suffer is one's appetitie (Hospital food does not help!). During times of physical and emotional stress one's need for nutrients, including vitamins, proteins and antioxidants is increased - not decreased. General anaesthetic, drugs, therapy like chemo and radiation therapy and the flooding of the body with toxins from tissue damage all suppress appetite while increasing nutrient needs.

The Super Smoothie is one of the best solutions for countering the tendency to become malnourished and to expedite recovery. The Smoothie is easily ingested and digested and the ingredients can be adjusted according to need and tolerances.

Use as a daily meal substitute, especially to replace the usual hospital stodge that contributes to hospital constipation.

Encourage consumption of wholefoods, fruit and vegetables in addition to the Smoothie and in accordance with tolerances


Jay said...

I will be trying out this super smoothie tomorrow. Have you got any other recipes as you can get bored drinking the same "vanilla" every day.

Gary Moller said...

You can get other flavours such as chocolate and you can tart up your smoothies with different fruits such as banana, black berries, blue berries and so on.

Have a glass as a drink alongside a plate of home made muesli as well as before exercise.

The benefits and the refreshing taste will more than offset any threat of boredom!