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Monday, August 13, 2007

Customer feedback

Hello Gary
I have stayed off the caffeine and I have noticed an improvement in training times and overall energy.
I have been using the Whey Protein and I have noticed that I don't feel as sore after training as I did in previous years. This is especially true with my leg muscles.
Gary Moller comments:
Sometimes simple measures make a huge difference to health and fitness.

Much of the advice that is dished out nowadays about sports training, nutrition supplements and so on can be confusing and even misleading - and even detrimental to health and physical performance.

the drive for commercial gain and ignorance of what really contributes to optimum health and physical performance confuse and distort the scientific literature.

The fat free diet is an unhealthy myth that causes obesity. The advice to guzzle endless gallons of corn sugar laced sports drinks while out training and competing reduces performance - and health. Caffeine in moderation is fine; but it can easily get you locked in its addictive grasp and become most unhealthy. And on it goes.

Each person is different. While there are some general rules of thumb to guide advice, this should be tailored and tweaked to the individual needs. Age, genetics and environment - including stress, exercise, illness, injury and diet all influence what a person may require to improve their nutritional status and ultimately, their health and fitness

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