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Monday, October 15, 2007

thank you for posting your article and video on correcting foot pronation

Gary: I just want to thank you for posting your article on correcting foot pronation as well as you little video of the corrective exercise.
I was looking for just such an exercise to assist in building the arch of the foot.

I currently teach both my Yoga and Pilates students to "build the arch" for balance purposes. In fact I discovered this from yoga where it is called Pada Bandha. I have been using both the Mula Bandha (drawing up of the perineal floor) and the Uddiyana Bandha (lower transverse abdominis) to stabilize the core and begin activate the adductors. Activating all these and drawing up the energy from the arch of the foot corrects the pronation, helps to build the arch, stabilizes the knee, releases the hip and causes the glutes to be used instead of overusing the hamstrings. I found that when applied to running, not only was the spine in alignment and better able to absorb the shock, the feet came back into alignment and I no longer needed orthotics and did not get the Achilles tendon problems which had plagued me.

Thanks again and I am incorporating your exercise into my classes.

By the way, I love your country. My wife and I were there a month ago and just can't say enough about it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gary. Found this post in two places, thought I would comment on both :-). Anyway I note the link for the video has changed, just FYI it now appears to be

Thanks for your great advice, I'll be trying this exercise this avo.