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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A no-nonsense off-season conditioning programme for a sport like netball

Here’s a really brief outline of how to do an off-season training programme for a sport like netball (assuming you have about 12 weeks before the new season begins with pre-season training):
Run slowly between 60-90 minutes 2-3 times per week (eg: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)
  • In Wellington the steep and undulating Karori Sanctuary perimeter track is best because
    • It is about 8km
    • Strengthens the calf and ankles
    • Gives bounce in the legs
    • Strengthens the muscles while being easy on the joints and tendons
    • Develops the protective reflexes and agility
  • Do not increase the distance as the fitness improves; just run little faster, but keep it relatively easy
  • Once you can cover the distance with ease, increase the distance a little so that you are nearer 90min
  • Keep this going for about 4-6 weeks without fail then
Substitute one long run with a 5km race and continue to the beginning of the new season
  • Loaded Hog 5km series 6pm Tuesday s run this way:
  • Run easy then try to sprint the last km seeing how many you can pass
  • Repeat but start going hard from 2km
  • Start fast then slow down then try to finish strong
  • Run the whole distance fast
Between runs do 1-2 speed sessions (eg: Monday and Wednesday), or do a sport like touch rugby once a week
  • On a field, netball specific shuttle runs.
  • 4-6 sets lasting about 30 seconds each with the following between
    • Standing jump wall slaps x 5 each side. Going for height
And 2-4 times a week (can be at the same time as any other sessions)
  • Medicine ball (soft 2kg, available from Gary Moller) throws to simulate all the netball throws and do these to the point of exhaustion then
  • Do a few quality throws with a netball to finish
Take a large Super Smoothie after each exhausting training session (recipe )
Have 1-2 massages of the legs, back and shoulders per week.
This covers all bases. There is nothing more needed. Go to the gym if you like; but probably better that you rest up in a large and relaxing Epsom Salts bath with a glass of good NZ wine!

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