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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

When it comes to health: Go full circle back to our natural ways

Thank you for the link to the Vitamin D website. It's amazing how much of a role vitamin D plays in our bodies. As you said before, as we seem to become more modernised and step away from what our ancestors did or ate or what we as humans should be doing naturally, we seem to be doing more harm than good to our bodies and more illnesses are coming to the fore. Seems like the way to help someone better live with MS, and other associated vitamin D deficiency disorders, is to go back to our natural ways? Go full circle if that makes sense?
Regards, Vicki

Gary Moller comments
Vicki is a student nurse who is displaying a refreshing freedom of thought. The health system needs hundreds, if not thousands of Vickis.

During my studies about chronic diseases like multiple sclerosis, the most disturbing facts that stood out were the high rates of financial distress and health problems such as depression and alcoholism among family and care-givers of the chronically ill. While attention and resources for assisting the chronically ill are most welcome, there is still not enough enough support for those who tirelessly give without a word of complaint.

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