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Thursday, November 08, 2007

My son has eczema - Please help!

Hi Gary,
I have a son who is 3 years old. He has very bad eczema and I have heard of a lady whos son also had bad eczema and found the allergen through hair analysis.
We have tried a Naturopath and homeopathics, and numerous other natural things and also been to a Medlab and had medical tests done to find the cause.
Nothing has worked.
Do you think that analysing a hair sample of his will concluded what the problem really is???
If you think that a child with eczema is a good candidate for this, I would really appreciate a reply.
Gary Moller replies:
While I do make a lot of use of the HTMA test, I do not think it will be of much help for your son.
However; eczema and other childhood allergies is a topic I have spent many years wrestling with because eczema and asthma have been rampant in my family. While the conditions continue to percolate away below the surface, I can tell you that we have got both pretty much licked. Here is what we did:
  • First of all, we had the children skin tested for allergens and discovered high reactivity to animal dander and dust mite - and pollens to a lesser degree
  • We then had the house tested and found high levels of dust mite in the carpets and no shortage of animal dander.
Here is what we did:
  • We ripped out all of the old carpet and eventually replaced with new carpet
  • We gave away the cat
  • We fitted allergen covers to the mattresses and pillow cases
  • We fitted an attic ventilation system to reduce dampness and pollen in the house
  • We scrubbed, vacuumed and dusted the house (It took months to get rid of all of the cat fur)
These measures brought about near immediate improvements in the health of the children.
We never noticed any improvements from medications like steroid creams and various other potions including antihistamines. Asthma medication worked but has now been dispensed with completely.
What has really worked for their long-term health has been the use of omega 3 oils taken internally and applied externally to affected skin. Here is the regime:
  • Omega3 Smartbites twice daily and/or a teaspoon or so of Waihi Bush Flax magic
  • Apply Waihi Bush Flax Original to the skin as a moisturiser. Wash the affected skin daily with soap and then apply the oil to the skin at least twice daily. Flax oil seems to have remarkable benefits for skin.
  • You could add 500 to 1,000mg of vitamin C to the diet which is great for collagen and healing
  • Eliminate refined foods like white bread, flour, crackers, noodles and most breakfast cereals. Soft drinks, sweets and anything with refined sugars, preservatives and colourings are out. No margarine or other processed oils. Use butter and whole milk. You can do much more with regards to diet; but this is a good start.
The biggest challenge with children; especially as they get older, is to get them to be consistent with these dietary measures.
Purchase some Epsom Salts and bathe your child daily in a solution of one cup to a warm bath. The magnesium and sulphur is highly beneficial for the skin, leaving it silky smooth and it aids healing and collagen strength.
All of the products mentioned in this article are available from my web store.
Please let us know how you get on and do let us know what works and what doesn't.

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