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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Book Review - On the Wings of Mercury by Lorraine Moller

Book Review by Leanne Asher
For those of you who haven't read Lorraine's book you are missing out on a truly different type of story. Often when reading a book about a runner it focuses solely on their running. Lorraine has written something quite different.
Lorraine has put her soul out for all to see the nuts and bolts from her childhood experiences and relationships good and bad to her personal odysseys in a bid to obtain the elusive Olympic gold medal.
The book does not revolve around the actual events and her performances, but the journeys she took to get there. One such trip after being selected for the 1996 Olympic Games, trekking to Delphi north of Athens to visit the world of gods, goddesses, oracles and athletics collecting the magical olive oil from Zeus's olive grove.
Lorraine shows a personal side as she delves into her inner workings and how she can use her mental strength to give her a further edge, how she can use not only anger but a calmer side to channel her performance to beat her opposition.
This book shows a whole different side to an athlete, not the person that we see on the television as they cross the finish line after 42.2 kilometres, but what makes up the inner psyche of a truly international athlete who has many credits to her name.
In reading the book I see the sheer determination and grit displayed to carry on when many would have said enough is enough. Still heading out the door to do a session when her body was telling her that it was not capable, out there in the searing heat, running at times in what can only have been sheer pain.
Thank you Lorraine for sharing your story with us in a very candid way and giving us an insight into your life which I hope you look back on with fondness as you reminisce on the success of your athletic career. Lorraine Moller - the Olympian, congratulations.
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