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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More sun is healthy, despite skin cancer risk, study says

"A little more sunshine might help you live longer, according to a study published on Monday suggesting that for some people health benefits from the sun outweigh the risk of skin cancer....

In Norway, Moan estimated that doubling the sun exposure for the general population would also double the number of annual skin cancer deaths to about 300 but that 3,000 fewer people would die from other cancers."

Gary Moller comments:
So much about life is about making informed trade-offs. In the case of sunlight, medical evidence is such that one must conclude that the benefits of sensible exposure to sunlight far outweigh the risks.

For the best part of a decade, I have been extolling the benefits of vitamin D which is obtained principally via exposure of the body to sunlight. Current policies and guidelines are such that they are producing more ill health than is being prevented - terrible diseases including depression, diabetes, obesity, rickets, heart disease, infertility and at least 28 forms of cancer - all to prevent just one cancer - melanoma.

For health, we are talking about small exposures of full-body sun that causes nothing more than a slight pinking of the skin. For most people, this amounts to no more than about 10 minutes exposure to midday sun for about 10 minutes either side. The darker one's skin, the longer the requirement for health.

Sunlight is essential for good health - it is sunburn that causes cancer

On days that you do not get sunlight on your torso, you might like to take a vitamin D supplement. These are cheap and effective.

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Unknown said...

Glad to here I can venture into the sun without that dark cloud hanging over my head. I apply maximum sun protection and also wear a hat which to my frame of mind is enough protection against the sun. I also try stay out during the midday sun as that is when its at its most fierce. Now bring on summer:)