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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just how effective is glucosamine and chondroitin for repairing joint damage?

"I've just recently learned through a series of tests that i'm suffering in my knee from advanced wear and tear. I'm not exactly sure how to say it, as i'm no expert yet, and i don't remember word for word, but the Doc basically said the results look like the results that may typically come in from a 50yrd, and i'm 27. Arthritis, bones rubbing in the joint, bone expanding due to rubbing... etc. He assured me not to take this out of proportion, and that we'll have a much better picture of what's going on once we have the MRI done, which is coming soon. For starters, i couldn't believe the results! at first, a little shocked and sad, but i'm definately not one to let a negative thing remain negative. I want to turn this around, and make a positive here, and be proactive in REPAIRING and hopefuly, fixing this problem. I came accross Glucosamine, and heard what it does. i became very interested. Essentially, the heart of every arthritis matter is cartiliage wear i guess. So, if this promotes the repair of cartiliage, then this is very intersting..

Sorry for drawing this out, but basically, what i wanted to know from you is how effective this stuff is in rebuilding and repairing joint problems? If i keep on this stuff, and i've already noticed a difference (i'm taking this nutri-flex fluid formula that contains the MSM and glucos) can i repair and/or prevent further damage?
Gary Moller comments:
I have now had about 15 years experience with people using these glucosamine and chondroitin products and I have no doubt whatsoever that they work - in most cases; but not all. This view is more or less supported by the growing body of research on these natural nutrition products.

It just makes sense that a nutritional approach to managing arthritis would work best if utilised early in the development and while the person is young. While this may be the case there is evidence that these can also be beneficial for old joints and are even effective for pain relief in advanced joint wear.

I am curious as to why you have running and so much wear at such a young age? If there is joint damage such as a lax or ruptured knee ligament, then this should be repaired by a specialist knee surgeon now - while you are young. Do not leave it too late. Sort out the underlying causes of the wear and get it fixed asap.

In your case, the best joint food preparation is probably Balance Joint Food for Athletes. This is formulated for young joints that have been injured. Take the maximum recommended dose for at least three months and continue indefinitely at lower doses and certainly for as long as there is any sign of joint pain, tenderness or swelling. You must do all you can to care for your joints. Your knees have many, many years of hard work ahead of them.

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Alex said...

Eight years ago I began to suffer from extreme pain in my left ankle. The GP did blood tests and xrays, no arthritis, no obvious physical cause. He sent me to a podiatrist, who diagnosed overpronosis, and gave me orthotic inserts to wear in my shoes. There was some improvement, but still the pain kept coming back, sometimes so bad I couldn't walk. After a few years, my periodontist (!) suggested glucosamine, which I started taking. That was a year and a half ago, and I haven't had a twinge since. Does glucosamine work? It certainly worked for me!