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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What are some nutrition natural health alternatives to anti-depressants?

The Government's drug buying agency Pharmac is looking into the effectiveness of anti-depressants after an international study found they were of no "clinical" significance.
Tens of thousands of New Zealanders daily take the pills when they might just as well be taking sugar pill says the study.
Gary Moller comments:
I am not surprised that these drugs (SSRI's) are no more effective than placebos. This is yet another case of selective publication by which the drugs companies suppress the unfavourable studies and give huge emphasis to those that have a positive result.
These drugs are slow poisons that their takers slowly succumb to: suicide, diseases of the digestive tract, liver cancer and so on. The beauty of these pills is they invariably lead to other problems that require additional medication, thus entrapping the hapless patient in a spiraling descent in health, emptying their bank accounts in the process. If this is not depressing, then what is?
Chances are you never needed to be on mind altering drugs that imperil your long term health. Because these drugs are highly addictive, stopping suddenly may not be a good idea. Instead, a gradual process of weaning off them may be the best course of action. Best done with the assistance of the person who first got you on these - your doctor who should be held accountable for his or her actions for practicing what I consider to be bad medicine. There are good alternatives that should be effective in all but a few cases of feeling anxious and depressed.
There are good nutrition alternatives that can be used to ease the process of getting off these powerfully addictive drugs and for providing long term improvements in physical and mental energies.
Nutrition alternatives
  • Kordels MSM (methylsulfonlymethane) taken through the day of about 6,000mg per day. 
  • Balance Beta-Alanine is not only good for the muscles, it is wonderful for the brain and increasing energy levels. Take according to the directions on the label.
  • Eagle Bioceuticals Lecithin 1200 which provides a key chemical for brain neurotransmitters. Three capsules per day is all that is needed to be taken.
  • Kordels Coenzyme Q-10 to boost energy and alertness. Just follwo the instructions on the label.
Each of these nutrition supplements must be taken consistently for 3-6 weeks for the benefits to be noticed and then taken long term to sustain them. These need to be supported with a healthy diet that includes ample fresh fruits, vegetables, red and white meat, nuts, fats and oils - all from natural and unprocessed sources. Without artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. If you can get it; raw full cream milk and real free range eggs. The fat-free diet is depressing. Stay away from it if you have a tendency to be sad.

Boost your vitamin D levels by sunbathing, exposing your legs and torso. Just 5-10 minutes each side 2-4 times a week is fine, taking care depending on skin type. On non-sun days take a low cost vitamin D supplement.

Exercise daily beginning each day with a brisk pre-breakfast walk outdoors to stimulate the senses, the metabolism and the Pineal Gland. You must get sunlight on your face for this early morning walk to be effective. Wear a hat but not dark glasses. For UV protection of the eyes, wear a pair of clear glasses like these ones here. This is effective even on a dull winter day.

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