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Friday, March 07, 2008

Do vaccines cause autism?

"Our child was developing normally until he received his vaccination shots"
This a statement that I have heard many times over the years from the parents of autistic children. I have been tempted many times to enter the vaccination debate; but have mostly refrained from doing so until now.

We have not vaccinated our children, preferring to concentrate on healthy diet and lifestyles and natural exposure to childhood diseases such as chicken pox and mumps.

When I do a hair tissue mineral analysis on people, not a single one has been free of mercury, a component of vaccines. These also contain the other powerful neurotoxin; aluminium. It just beggars good sense to pump toxic metals into sensitive developing brains.

Here is a news video about the vaccine controversy:

Here is the best article I have ever read by a health professional - "Autism, Vaccines, and Robert F Kennedy Jr."by Jeffrey Dach MD.

Here is a compelling video by a family that was affected by autism. This carries a message of hope.

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