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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Now here's a cycling race worth doing!

A non-stop, 4000km, point-to-point bike race from Canada to Mexico along the Continental Divide. Check out for the details and an inspiring slide show of what's on offer. It's nearly all on gravel roads and 4WD tracks. A total of about 200,000 feet of climbing. Unsupported (ie: no course marking, no drink stations, no support crew of any kind). Solo - no drafting. No entry fee and no prizes.

Now who would be so crazy as to enter an event like this? Well there is one such person who it happens, I am sponsoring: Non other than Simon Kennett of mountain biking fame! My job is to help knock his body into shape in the time left before the gun goes off. That's not much of a challenge really when you have such wonderful talent to work with.

Here's just some of 40 year old Simon Kennett's achievements:

- Co-author of Classic NZ Mountain Bike Rides 2008 - 1st Akatarawa Attack MTB Orienteering (8hr division)
2007 - Wellington MTB Orienteering Champion
2006 - 8th Pro-elite Karapoti Classic
2004 – NZ Master 1 MTB Champion
2003 - 1st Mt Peel MTB Marathon
1997 – NZ Master 1 MTB Champion
1996 - 1st Nelson to Christchurch Cycle Race
1991 - 2nd NZ MTB Championships
1990 – NZ Hillclimb Champion
1989 - 1st Expert USA Hillclimb Championship
1988 - 1st Karapoti Classic

Here is Simon's Blog where you can track his preparation for the big event and even get involved (He's looking for pledges for his charity: Medicine Sans Frontiers).

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