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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"On the Wings of Mercury" by Lorraine Moller - one man's opinion

"I have now finished Lorraine’s book.

A good read, although the New Age and paganism stuff is a bit bizarre, and her choices concerning men have been a bit unwise over the years.

The chief take-home message seemed to be not to do anything new or unusual with food, drink, or preparation just before an important race.

But I still don’t know why anyone would bother to run more than 50 metres at a time".

PS: "I would be happy to drive a car for the length of a half (or even a full) marathon."

Gary Moller comments:
"G" is an old mate of mine from university years, possessing one of the driest senses of humour I have ever encountered. I don't think he has ever run more than it takes to catch the bus to work. He is one of those guys that keeps me grounded. After I stopped rolling about on the flloor with laughter, I decided to post this excerpt from his email to me.

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