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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where can I find Raw Milk in my area?

Hi Gary,

I love the articles on your site particularly the ones encouraging us to get enough sun exposure, and, to eat more saturated fats - I never go for low fat (processed) options!
Would you happen to know where I can go to source Raw Milk in the xxxx area..?
Much appreciated.

Gary Moller responds:
Thanks for the feedback Nicole.
There is a growing traditional foods movement that I support. If were to have a return to the traditional diets of most indigenous cultures (with a few modern additions here and there), then we would not have anywhere the health problems confronting us nowadays, including rampant tooth decay, obesity, cancer and heart disease - and depression.

The traditional Polynesian diet is incredibly healthy for example. Obesity would be much less of a problem among Polynesian peoples if KFC, white bread and donuts were replaced by fresh seafoods, taro and the occasional coconut-fed porker!

You can learn more about traditional foods, including the importance of healthy fats, oils and the fat soluble vitamins by going to the Weston Price Foundation. This is the best place to begin your search for natural food sources in your area.

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