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Saturday, April 26, 2008

CHARACTERISTIC TOXICITY OF FLUOROQUINOLONES - Why on Earth would anyone prescribe these antibiotics?

"Anonymous" wrote, quoting the following (Please read the other postings about this dangerous class of drugs which continue to be prescribed):

Unlike other antibiotics, that have very little toxicity (penicillins) or a very defined toxic profile (i.e. deafness and nephrotoxicity for aminoglycosides), quinolones and fluoroquinolones have a vast toxicity that affects the whole body. Although it is treated with more detail later in the report, the main toxic actions of quinolones and fluoroquinolones are:

Quinolones are very toxic on the tendons, to everybody. They are the only frequently prescribed drug on the market that is directly tenotoxic and cause rupture of tendons, not only during treatment but months later. It is a very distinctive feature of quinolones. They damage the cartilage and tendons all over the body in a permanent nature, although symptoms only become noticeable in some 30% of the treatments. Doctors only acknowledge a less than 5% incidence of tendon disorders because usually the person that has been intoxicated by the quinolone, goes to his/her orthopedist some months after the ingestion of the quinolone, complaining of a chronic tendinitis when playing his/her favourite sport. Nobody links the tendinitis to the quinolone.

This toxicity affects the whole body, because the quinolones have been invented in a way so that they have a very big penetrating capacity in all the tissues, especially the brain. The nerves of the brain, muscles, intestines, heart, lungs, tendons, eyes, and other organs, are lightly, moderately or irreversibly damaged, and their recovery can take from a few years to never, leaving a trail of pains, injuries, abnormalities and hundreds of disorders that you can see in the following sections of this report.

The extreme toxicity of the quinolone and fluoroquinolone antibiotics destroys the correct functioning of all types of cells in the body, causing extensive damage and abnormalities in all body functions and systems.

So, to take a quinolone or fluoroquinolone antibiotic means to take a potent toxic compound. There is no reason to prescribe or take them unless it is absolutely necessary. Do not be so naive as to believe that the medical system, and the FDA have assessed properly the safety of these antibiotics, because they have clearly not done so, as you can learn through this report or doing your own research.
I too was a healthy 50+ y/o male until I took Cipro. I was not warned of any permanent side effects by my Dr. I am now barely able to walk and have constant pain in every joint of my body 2 yrs. later. This class of antibiotic is just too toxic to be used unless the patient is on the verge of death and nothing else has worked.

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Those who have an interest in the full range of the adverse reactions to this class of chemotherapeutic agents are invited to log unto where you will find well over 4000 medical journal entries that detail the horrendous safety profile of this class.