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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am looking to put on some serious muscle

Like everyone else i am looking for some advice. I have over the last 2 years lost a good bit of weight and am now looking to bulk up with muscle ( i am looking to put on some serious muscle ) without putting weight back on or at least putting fat back on.

I like pete on your previous blog am taking Ultra ripped with the thermogenic formula, I wanted to know if this is the best thing for me to take.

I do 4 days at the gym light cv followed by weight training, i am slowly increasing the weight i am lifting, with this in mind i have increased what i am eating (more chicken,tuna etc) to aid my bulk up.

I do still have a unslightly midsection in my opionon ( which i am working on ), i am 95kg 35 years old and 5'7 in height. Perhaps you can offer some suggestions.

Many Thanks Mark
Gary Moller comments:

Thanks for writing Mark.
Having worked in the gym industry for the best part of 18 years I think I can speak with some authority that the group of gym-goers who are consistently among the least healthy are the serious body builders.

Body building, per se, is not unhealthy; what is unhealthy is when it is taken to extremes - Highly restrictive diets with far too much protein and not enough other nutrients, including fats and carbohydrates; the excessive use of stimulants and the steady slide into the use of illicit or harmful drugs including steroids, growth hormone, ephedrine, cocaine and so on. It is therefore no surprise that there are many cases of imprisoned athletes and body builders (including one with the surname Moller!) who, in the pursuit of perfect bulk and shape became hopelessly hooked on the very drugs they sought to help them.

I once attended a presentation by a cardiologist who detailed the case history of a champion body builder here in New Zealand. He was taking multiple body-building drugs - steroids, growth hormone, insulin, caffeine, ephedrine, cocaine and party pills. His heart was so hypertrophied it could no longer contract properly. He was unwilling to change his habits despite the advice by the cardiologist that he would be dead by his 35th birthday.

Body building is littered with ruined lives - such is the addiction. Yes, there are women who have become masculine. Three steroid-using acquaintances of mine are now dead from liver cancer, one of the consequences of anabolic steroid use. I am therefore very cautious about encouraging anybody to commence walking this cliff-top track.

My advice to you, Mark, is to go for your goals completely au naturale. Only consume foods and supplements that support your body's natural processes for building strength, speed and stamina. Thermogenic stimulants are therefore off the menu. But amino acids like glutamine, creatine, alanine and so on are fine, since they enhance natural processes, rather than inhibit them. But only do so if you have a healthy, balanced diet. I would prefer that you eat a chicken with the skin, a whole steak, or a fresh fish fillet, with kumara, taro and brocoli than a bland and lifeless diet of rice, canned tuna or skinless chicken.

If you are going to take a protein supplement like whey, then I would take it as a richly nutritious smoothie blended with dark berries and a free range raw egg.

I have only touched on diet here and nothing about exercise itself; but I hope this helps as a starter Mark.

I wish you happy and healthy building!

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Anonymous said...

The goal in body builder's life is living in agreement with nature.

Wayne said...

a body builder can stay in positive nitrogen balance on about 70 grams of protein a day, there are distinct limits on how much protein the body can actually use to build new tissue. diets of greater amoutns of protein are of negligible use