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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is milk making you sick?

The follow article is reprinted in full from the newsletter circulated by Sherry Elton. I am convinced that milk is very good for most of us; but not the modern processed, dead milk that is served up in the shops. Milk that is being sold to you on the claim that it will make you thin and healthy, may in fact be doing the opposite: It may be making you deathly ill. I believe the only milk that can be sold on the claim of it being good for you is full fat A2 milk that is preferably not pasteurised.

There is a growing movement of health professionals who are rebelling against the deception of the food industry and many so-called health experts who have successfully duped the population into believing that processed foods, including the 99% fat-free ones are healthy and that natural foods, like butter are deathly harmful. These are the same experts who would have us all go onto cholesterol lowering medicines, stay out of the sun and then put us on Viagra and other poisons to counter the many adverse side-effects.

Read on and please visit her website for a ton of information that will blow you preconceptions of what is healthy food and what isn't.

Gary Moller

I recently read Keith Woodford’s book, “Devil in the Milk” from cover to cover.

I have a science degree majoring in Molecular Biology and Cellular Genetics, so I know a bit about scientific research. I am usually very quick to spot flaws in scientific reasoning, but could not fault the whole book.

I am now convinced as to the dangers of A1 milk. In a nutshell: Milk protein is called casein and there are alpha, beta and kappa caseins. The beta caseins have different variations, mainly A1 beta casein and A2 beta casein. They differ in only one molecule of amino acid in the whole hundred + long chain. The A1 variant appeared after a mutation several thousands of years ago, so older breeds of cows like Jerseys, Guernseys and Indian & Asian cattle have mostly A2 genes. Goat’s milk is all A2. However, our big black and white Friesian cows have a greater proportion of A1 genes.

A1 Beta casein is digested differently and breaks down into a seven molecule fragment called beta-casomorphin-7 (BCM-7). It is an opioid. If you have a leaky gut, (and many of us do!), this fragment travels into your bloodstream and sets up an immune response. In the pancreas, there is another seven-molecule protein, almost identical to BCM-7, and the now sensitised immune system can detect this fragment also and destroy it. This can lead to the onset of Type 1 diabetes in susceptible children. Similarly it can also cause a response in older people and cause heart disease. Autism and Schizophrenia are the dangers when this fragment crosses the blood-brain barrier in susceptible people.

Research papers from all around the world were investigated by Dr Woodford, along with all the available statistics regarding the type of milk being drunk in about 20 of these countries where the information was available. Experiments using mice and rats were also done here in New Zealand with results that confirmed the research. Because studies with food are very hard to ‘double blind’, the scientific world says that the research is not conclusive. In the same way, tobacco companies insisted for many decades that cigarettes weren’t directly responsible for lung cancer.

The research is conclusive enough for Dr Woodford, however, and his book makes compelling reading. The good news is that you can very easily protect yourself and your children by sourcing whole raw milk and asking the farmer to test a cow or two. I have had all my cows DNA tested, a simple test done by sending away some of their long tail hairs. ($20 each) The test is done on the DNA in the hair follicle. One gene from mum and one from dad gives two possible gene ‘alleles’ for each cow.

Five of my seven jersey cows tested A2/A2 and two tested A1/A2. The bull tested A2/A2, so I will only have to test the heifer calves from two of my cows in future. I will use the two A1/A2 cows as nurse cows to rear calves, and to make cheese from, as the problem doesn’t seem to exist in cheese. (Probably the bacteria added to flavour the cheese digests it further). If you have any special interest in this issue, please email or phone me and I can try to help you with further information.

Fonterra and the Governments’ stand is not to alarm people. They don’t want you to stop drinking milk, it could spell disaster for them. Fonterra seem to be quietly changing over their cows to A2 by providing more A2/A2 bulls.

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