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Monday, May 05, 2008

Advice sought about protein supplements for weight loss and muscle development

Hi Gary,
I am looking for some advise regarding a Protein Supplement. Bit of background on me first,

I am 25, 91kg, 5ft 8. Last year I weighed 107kg and through exercise and diet, I have dropped my weight. I am looking to continue weight loss but also looking to build mussel. I currently take a Ultra Ripped Protein Powder, mainly because of the Thermionic Formula. This is helping with weight loss and recovery but wondering if because its a Ultra Ripped its holding back muscle development?

I have a well balanced diet as well, try to have Protein with every meal and keep my carb intake balanced. (Enough for Fuel).

Gary Moller comments:

Pete, Unless you are getting into extremes, I do not think the composition of the whey supplement is really all that critical.

The most important is to take a little whey frequently with a balanced diet. You can add extra amino acids such as beta alanine and l-carnitine. It is best not to take bucket loads of protein which is one reason why I only sell whey in 750g lots. Besides; whey, like all foods, steadily goes off once exposed to air, so it is better to finish a container quite quickly and then go onto a fresh lot. Manufacturers and retailers want you to consume heaps of the stuff; but think of the potential health consequences of taking too much protein - kidney damage and gout for example.

So, stick to what is recommended and do not exceed since there is little to gain in terms of health, strength and body composition. Do not neglect to have adequate fat in your diet. Who said this: "Man can not live by bread alone". Add some fat.

I am very cautious about recommending any of the body building supplements which have thermogenic ingredients like caffeine and ephedrine, herbal variations on these. Anything that mimics brain neurotransmitters will have an addictive effect if used more than a few days duration. They are best avoided altogether.

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