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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guideline for choosing healthy food when shopping

Here is a TV3 video which is not only entertaining; but also highly informative about what are healthy foods and what are not. This video exposes how the need for commercial profit is driving the production of our food. It sheds light on why there is now a growing epidemic of chronic degenerative diseases and why processed foods go to the very heart of this.

It also adds to my view that most health and nutrition experts who are driving public policy have been duped and are now in a state of denial. I was sucked in for years by the fat-free movement and I will say without hesitation or embarrassment that I got it horribly wrong. The important thing is to not live in denial; but to put things right.

This is essential viewing prior to your next supermarket expedition.

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Justin said...

Thanks for that link Gary. Darn good message. I am too often sucked in by the convenience of fast foods but the more I exercise the more I find that processed foods wear me down.

I was told by a food tech to watch out for foods that are "x free" or "reduced". He said his job was to replace what was taken out, and in order to keep it edible that meant adding chemicals and enhancers. i.e., Any portion is always 100%, whatever its size, so you can't take 5% fat out of a food without replacing it with something else. He said even though his job was largely to replace or preserve foods, he stayed away from the processed stuff.