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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Postal Charges Announcement

New Zealand Post's recent changes to parcel post charges and the introduction of their new weight and sizing system (Which is horrendously complex) means that all of my postage costs within New Zealand have increased substantially. In some cases, by more than 3 times!

This most unwelcome change is forcing me to increase the threshold for free delivery of goods within New Zealand which is currently $50 or more worth of goods. As of Wednesday next week (7th May), the threshold for free delivery within New Zealand will become $100 or more. You have a few days left to get your orders in.

Fortunately, the majority of purchases from my website are in excess of $100. For my customers who usually purchase less than $100 worth of goods, I ask for your understanding and appreciation that this decision has been very much foisted on me.

Meanwhile, I am investigating other options, including various courier services; unfortunately, all involve more expense, especially for rural and South Island deliveries. We need more competition in traditional delivery services!

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