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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

At last! - A bra that really does give support without slowly strangulating the owner.

This came in an email:

"Hi Gary,
I received a Walking New Zealand magazine and read with interest your article "Is your bra killing you". What excellent insight you have on such matters..(especially for a bloke!!), and I just had to introduce myself and my business to you. I am of the "well-endowered" variety , and after deciding to get fit about 3 years ago I went shopping for a bra to help me on my pursuit. Alas, the lingere manufacturers seem to think that once you reach a certain cup size you are either unable or uninterested in exercising. Very frustrating!

After producing our two beautiful daughters, I could put it off no longer, I decided to get fit! I needed to get out and smell the air so to speak. I entered a triathlon, nothing strenuous, but a goal nonetheless. Being of the ‘well-endowed’ variety I went shopping for a good sport bra to help me in my pursuit. Not only could I not find a decent supportive bra, they didn’t even make them in my size!
Frustrated but still determined I happened to read Oprah Winfrey’s ‘O’ magazine, her list of ‘a few things I think are just great’, and her love of the Enell bra. I ordered, received and tried out this wondrous vest, and have never looked back (I own one of each colour!). They allow me the freedom and ability to run, treadmill, do step classes, really anything I like, without being embarrassed or concerned about how my chest may be performing! I decided there must be other New Zealand women out there in the same bra boat as me – so I have begun Sportsupport in the hope that you will rejoice in the same freedom and dignity that Enell has brought to me. Enjoy and compete with confidence!

Lisa Harris
Founder - Sportsupport - A serious sportbra - for the larger busted women "
Gary Moller comments:
I am hoping to publish an independent product review of this bra soon, so keep an eye out for it. Even an apparently well designed bra can cause a surprising amount of discomfort and damage.
As an aside, I am surprised that the mainstream media has not picked up on this story - yet.

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