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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Podiatry Jargon Interpreted

Read this which is written by a podiatrist:

"Footwear can be particularly useful in helping to reduce trauma to the calcaneal apophysis and incorporating some degree of positive pitch (heel raise) to the foot thereby reducing the pulling from the gistro soleil complex."

By the way: It is not “gistro” it is “gastro "(gastrocnemius).

Why do some health professionals persist in using such unintelligible language? Pompous professional ego-pumping? Or, is it to justify charging $800 for a $10 heel insert? Its maddening. All it does is confuse their patients and reduces the flow of information from professional to patient (education) and at the risk of causing a kind of unhealthy dependency.

What he is saying?

“If there is heel pain, a heel raise may be helpful by reducing strain on the calf muscle and heel bone”.

My advice: Hire an interpreter next time you go get your toenails trimmed

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