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Monday, June 02, 2008

My Active Elements service is a success

The Active Elements service that I offer on this website is now almost a year old. It now has over 100 participants. I am delighted. With these numbers I can now see patterns emerging that convince me that the Actve Elements programme is beneficial for many participants.
The participants in the Active Elements programme who are the most consistent over the initial 6-8 weeks are the ones who show the best results in terms of health and energy. Conditions such as psoriasis, muscle and joint pain and extreme fatigue do improve and have disappeared in some cases. Athletes have reported significant gains in performance, including seasonal and career personal best performances. Of course, my service includes more than the Active Elements programme. I provide detailed advice on nutrition, injury management and exercise and assist with finding the most appropriate fitness or health professional in their area for their needs. Mineral therapy is totally complementary with medical treatments and is not intended to replace them.

I was cautiously optimistic about the value of this therapy for several months; but never really pushed it until a few months ago. I was helped along by attending a course a few months ago. This course was on mineral therapy and it was led by Dr Les Fisher, the founder of the Active Elements programme. I learned how the 12 tissue salts that are found in the body are central to every cellular function and how an imbalance or defiency in one or more will inevitably cause ill health. I also learned that no amount of sophisticated medical intervention will restore good health as long as that underlying imbalance or deficiency exists. This reasoning is not rocket science; but it is still hardly understood or spoken of by health professionals. I have now sat and passed the Active Elements mineral therapy exams and been awarded my certificates in Active Elements Mineral Therapy. I feel I am now much better placed to provide the Active Elements mineral therapy service.

Even if you are in perfect health, you will benefit from assessing your daily mineral requirements to maintain that good health as the years pass. If you are unwell for any reason, then you will benefit from undertaking the assessment and commencing a course of mineral therapy. Minerals themselves do not heal or replace medical treatment: What minerals do is they provide the basic materials in the recipe for the body to do its healing as it is designed to.

Please go here to complete the Active Elements Mineral Therapy Assessment.

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