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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Runner saves his big toe - a happy ending.

I wrote Gary about 6 months ago regarding Hallux Rigidus. I had very large bony growths on top of each great toe. Prior to starting Gary's recomended course of action my podiatrist stated I had little cartilage left in between the joint. He stated I would need to "fuse" the joint together. At 32 this seemed unacceptable.

I followed the manipulation and dietary recommendations of Gary. I was not able to "grind down" the bony growths and did have to have surgery on both to remove the bone spurs (cheilectomy).

HOWEVER, by allowing the blood and nutrients to re-enter the joint space which had been jammed up for years and years I avoided a fusion.

I will continue Gary's manipulation post surgery and get about barefoot as much as possible. In my case it saved my running, I only wished I had started it earlier!!
Best of luck,
Matt from USA

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