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Sunday, August 17, 2008

How do anti-osteoporosis bisphosphonate drugs work?

Bisphosphonates interfere with cells that break down bone (osteoclasts). In the same class as the phophates that were popular in the laundry detergents that wreaked so much havoc and destruction on waterways, they work by poisoning these delicate bone cells.

Bone is living tissue that is in a constant state of renewal. The role of osteoclasts is critical for maintaining healthy bones. Another kind of cell, the osteoblasts, build new bone; but they rely on the osteoclasts to remove the old bone to make room for the new bone. The consequence of the biphosphenate poisioning of the bone cells is that old bone just accumulates and accumulates. Eventually the osteoclasts die from the constant year in - year out poisoning. And so do the osteoblasts die - eventually.

The consequence is dead old bone. When damaged, such as during a routine dental procedure or a slip and a fall, the bone does not heal. In fact, it may ulcerate and just continue to degrade - osteonecrosis or bone rot. There is no cure.

Of course, this poisoning by biphosphonate drugs is not magically restricted to the bone cells - every cell of the body is poisoned and it may be decades before we understand the full extent of this poisoning of millions of women - and men!

The prescrition of this class of drugs is really dumb medicine that borders on psychopathic.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...the truth and understandable. My only complaint is that it's too short. I need to know if all osteo drugs are bisphosphonates and, if so,name some.
It would also be great to hear what Moller says on prevention alternative methods to the problems. Thank you. This was a refreshing read!!
karen ferguson

Gary Moller said...

No all osteo drugs are the biphosphonate class.

Follow the key words at the base of each article and you will find one that lists most of the biphosphonate drugs.

Prevention is in many of the articles already posted; but I will be doing some followups soon since I am learning more by the day.

Wayne said...

most doctors dont think holistically, my mother went to the doctor with diahroea, the doctor prescribed medication to stop teh diahorea.
she was later admitted to emergency with campylobacter food poisoning.