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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Swimmers expelled from NZ team for 'inappropriate behaviour'

"BEIJING - Olympic swimmers Dean Kent, Corney Swanepoel and Cameron Gibson were expelled from the New Zealand team following an unsavoury incident which embarrassed a teammate.

The three experienced Olympians took a photograph of the drunk teammate sitting on the toilet in a prank at a social function late last week before circulating it to other teammates.

.....New Zealand were rocked in the closing stages of the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games by an alcohol-fuelled incident involving cyclists Tim Gudsell, Marc Ryan and Liz Williams.

Gudsell and Ryan were later found to have breached their Cycling New Zealand athlete's agreement and ordered to seek professional help to avoid a repeat."
For the full story, please go here
Gary comments:
What a difference when the athletes are no longer needed! Contrast this firm action with the other incident that is referred to in the article above.

I was with the Cook Islands Team at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games and learned first hand from the Games Village Police what happened that night by the Duck Pond between the two male cyclists and their unfortunate female team mate. It was disgusting to say the least. Everybody in the Games Village knew the truth; but the public showcase was carefully stage managed. Damage control ruled and no charges were laid.

What was even more disgusting was the actions of the management upon return to New Zealand who, it appears, concluded the male cyclists more essential for future campaigns than the female. While Liz Williams stayed relatively quiet, her mother sure was not; but was quickly put in her place and she shut up. Having a couple of daughters about Liz's age and seriously into cycling I was very interested to see how this business was going to be handled.

Gudsell and Ryan were sent to some counselling course and have continued their international cycling with various successes. Liz? We have no idea what was offered to help this young woman.

Did she get any support?

"Silly question, Gary - She's a girl and she was probably asking for it!"

As predicted at the time of the incident, she has disappeared off the NZ cycling scene.

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