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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss Product Sales were worth US$19.6 Billion in 2007

"2007 was a respectable but far from stellar year for the Sports Nutrition & Weight-Loss (SNWL) category-which rung up a total of $19.6 billion in sales, according to Nutrition Business Journal estimates.

Although SNWL sales expanded by a healthy 7% in 2007, this was down more than 2.5% from the 9.6% growth the category achieved in 2006."
Gary Moller comments:
What appears to have been most detrimental was the significant slowdown of sports & energy drink sales, whichgenerated 51% of the SNWL category's total revenue last year (I am assuming these are USA sales figures only).

I think this is good news because there is little if any health merit in sports drinks.  They are over-hyped and over-used.  

Sure there is a heap of research out there extolling the virtues and benefits of any numner of sports drink brands - when you have sales that are in the billions of dollars, there is no amount of willing researchers and magasine publishers eagerly holding out their hands for easy cash.

Do you think any magasine or sports event promoter is going to publish anything adverse about their lucrative sports drink sponsorship or advertiser?  No way! 

I have had one event advisory role terminated when I advised that water was the best training drink!"

Reader Survey

"Have sports drink sales slumped because:"
  1. They are outrageously over-priced and people have now wised up to this?
  2. People are concerned about the mountains of waste plastic created by sports drinks?
  3. People are beginning to realise they don't really worK?
  4. People are now spending all their spare cash on dental work caused by acidic and sugary sports drinks?

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