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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My mother has Stage IV breast cancer and we are trying the Budwig Oil Diet

"Hi Gary
Many thanks for the opportunity to buy these products. I'm also interested in artemisinin in its pure form as an alternative to cancer treatment, are you able to give me any information on this at all?

My mother has Stage IV breast cancer and we are trying the Budwig Oil Diet, hence my order for flaxseed oil."

Gary comments:
I am familar in passing with the Budwig Oil Diet; but on the face of it the diet fits very much with what I understand about the importance of essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins, protein and minerals for health, including their role in building a strong immune system that resists disease including cancer.  

Please Note: What may have a role in reducing disease risk may have little or no effect on the course of the disease once it has taken hold.  However; the measures that reduce disease risk (Diet, lifestyle etc) still have an important complementary role in subsequent treatment of the disase to improve outcomes and quality of life.

90% of the diets that come across my desk are seriously lacking in one or more of these nutrient groups.  The 99% fat free movement ensures that this is the case.

One of my favourite nutritional tips is to encourage snacks of flax oil mixed into a pot of natural cottage cheese.  I see that this is part and parcel of the Budwig Diet.

A person with cancer benefits from regular ingestion of high quality protein through the day.  This reduces lean wasting, strenghtens the immune system and generally improves energy levels which can take huge hits from cancer therapies.  The same can be said for ensuring a diet rich in essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K).

The levels of the fat soluble vitamins should be on the higher side of "Optimum".  Definitely not low.  Vitamin D levels can be determined by a simple blood test via your doctor.  I can assist with interpretation  of the results and how to boost levels if needed (In 99% of cases this is necessary).  If fat soluble vitamins are to be administered as a supplement, these should be natural vitamins and not their synthetic versions (I stock the natural forms).  Care must be taken not to overdose and there is no benefit in doing so and possible harm.

What about artemisinin for treating breast cancer?
"Of the 800 or more articles on PubMed's data base on Artemisia, only about thirty deal with cancer. Of those none are describing clinical trials of Artemisia in humans. At this point it is a very curious therapy with great potential. Several doctors report anecdotal benefit in treating cancer patients but a careful examination of most of these stories finds them inconclusive. There were other therapies co-administered which may account for the supposed benefits seen. 

This is one of those therapies which shows great promise but which at this point is unclear whether it works with cancer. Research continues to proceed and more practitioners contribute to the anecdotal data base on Artemisia. We have contacted the pharmacy which cultivates and manufactures the Artemisia extracts that Dr. Singh and his colleagues are using in their current research. 

For those people running out of options for treatment this is one of those things that don't seem to hurt and just might help."


Artemisinin in the form of "Parazyne" tablets containing Artemisia annua extract equivalent to 2500mg (2.5g) of dry leaf can be purchased through me, if needed.  But you need to write - I do not advertise this herbal product on my website.

Mineral needs can be determined by completing the Active Elements Assessment here.

Please Note: This advice is complementary and does not replace the medical treatments a person may be undergoing.  As such the intention is to improve outcomes - not to replace treatment.

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