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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Melamine Contaminated Sanlu Chinese Infant Milk Formula

"Did Chinese authorities put off a decision to issue a nationwide recall of melamine contaminated milk powder in August, that has since claimed the lives of two babies, for the sake of the Olympics?"
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Gary comments:
How come so many Chinese mothers are feeding their children infant milk formula in the first place?

The answer is simple: Unfettered, unprincipled practices for the purpose of making huge profits out of well-intentioned parents. There has been a cycnical process of killing off breast feeding in these "Emerging Markets" in order to hook families on infant formula.  In so doing, there are millions and millions of dollars to be made.

Chinese parents have been betrayed by the very people who should be protecting them: Health professionals. Clinics and health professionals who are easily swayed by the prescence of easy money from big business. There is no difference between the business model to sell infant formula and prescription drugs. Health professionals and health administrators are used by big business to cause a life or death dependency on their product.

I spent some time in China a year after the Tianamen Square Massacre and had the opportunity to visit two hospital clinics in South China.  I was shocked to see the huge amount of prominence given to infant milk formula in these clinics.  I assume that matters have only become worse with the explosion of Capitalism in China. Here's what happens:

Baby is fed infant formula while at or in the hospital and mother is given a supply to take home.  In doing so, the mother's breast milk production dries up.  The family is then dependent on infant milk formula for the survival of their infant child. This stresses the family financially and the baby is placed at risk of being fed milk made from contaminated water.

The solution is simple: Feed the Mother the infant formula and not the baby if they really need it.
If there is any evidence that the mother is lacking in nutrients then why not feed the infant formula to her and not the baby?  This is what I have been recommending mothers for years by incorporating the infant formula into my Super Smoothie recipe to give mother and child a powerful and convenient nutrient boost (If its needed).

The Super Smoothie enhances the flow and quality of the Mother's own milk, prevents financial dependency on the milk companies (She can stop any time she likes) while as good as eliminating risk to the health of the baby through contamination by dirty water.  This practice reduces the risk of harm to the baby from the scandalous and deliberate adding of cheap poisonous fillers like melamine.

But Fonterra and other milk companies will probably never be seen to promote the Super Smoothie approach to infant nutrition because the practice prevents the establishment of dependency between child and the milk company.  

Hmm... This all reads a bit like the relationship between a drug addict and her drug dealer!

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