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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Painful Marathon Runner's Toe


I hope you can help me. Here's background info 42 years old 5'4" 125lbs. I had bunion fixed on right foot in 1994. Started to wear orthodics. A few years later big toe joint stiff got a shot of cortizone. A couple years after that I beg the foot Dr. to bend it back and got another shot of cort. 

I always exercised but did not start running steady till about 2004. I had a kid gained weight and started running. I lost 50lbs and here I am today. I have run 4 marathons and put my body through challenges . This past year while training for boston my big toe joint was really bothering me. I sought out the help of a chiropractor and acupuncturists both helped me get throught boston with out that much pain. 

I got my 3rd shot of cortizone in June. I figured the last shot lasted 12 years that this might work. Well it lasted about a month and the pain is getting worse. It bothers me! during the day on top in the joint area and when I run it bothers me under the length of the big toe. I am planning on running boston again this year 2009. What I have read is no speed work or hills. I need to do this so that I can run a 3:50 at boston. I am also a competitive runner. I run the local race series. I do ice after long runs and take aleve.

Could a PT help with this problem? I want to get help before it get worse and my training has not yet started for Boston.

I do not want surgery. I have consulted 2 Dr.'s one said they could Fuse it but I would not be able to run marathons. The other is just scraping the spurs out. I was told I have bone spurs and arthritis or are they the same thing??

Christine (painfully running)
Gary responds:
Christine, one cortisone is probably one too many.  There are three lines of action that you may take from here:
  • See a massage therapist with the qualifications and experience to stretch, mobilise and massage the affected toes and all of both feet and the lower legs.  Your thighs and butt muscles would probably also benefit, given the amount of running you have done in the past.
  • Start a course of glucosamine and chondroitin with MSM (you can get these from my website store) and continue at the maximum label dose for at least three months
  • Find out if you have a tissue salts and other nutritient deficiency by completing the Active Elements Assessment.  Please take time to provide the additional information about diet and the rest.  Any deficiency will result in weakened body structures that fail to heal.

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