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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Study Finds No Autism Link in Vaccine

"A common vaccine given to children to protect them against measles, mumps and rubella is not linked to autism, a study published yesterday concludes. The findings contradict earlier research that had fueled fears of a possible link between childhood vaccinations and a steep increase in autism diagnoses."
Gary comments:
"One swallow does not make a summer, neither does one fine day"
Aristotle - Greek critic, philosopher, physicist, & zoologist (384 BC - 322 BC)

This single study does nothing to put the vaccine controversy to rest. If you read it carefully, you will realise that the study is very carefully limited and the huge amount of publicity emanating from its conclusions are far too sweeping to the point of being misleading. This kind of misinformation and public fanfare is not unusual since there are millions and millions of dollars and many reputations at stake.

I have followed this debate for years and consulted parents of autistic children. There appears to be a connection between childhood vaccines and autism. The exact nature and cause of this link is yet to be established.

The issue may not be to do with a single vaccine alone and there are several other factors like nutrition that must be considered. A child in New Zealand can receive 15 or more injections of vaccines before their 15th birthday. It appears little consideration is given to the huge variations in size between children of the same age, or their state of general health at the time of administration. These are important things to consider when administering any kind of medication.

Vaccines may contain one or more of several items that are known toxins, including mercury and aluminium which are known to be powerful and long-lasting neurotoxins. It strikes me as being highly risky the injection of even trace quanities of these metals into the brains of babies and young children. This study does nothing to allay suspiscions that the real dangers in vaccines may be more to do with the substances added to preserve and to potentiate them and the sheer number of injections a child receives.

On its own, a single injection may not be of much consequence; but 50 or more is a far different story! These metals accumulate in brain tissue. A child's brain is very sensitive to toxins and their immature livers are not very good at eliminating these damaging foreign substances.

I am not opposed to vaccination as a public health measure. However; I am very uncomfortable about injecting any kind of foreign substance of unproven safety into the body of a child. We have a family not far from here. Their eldest daughter, who they love deeply, is about the same age as ours. The difference is she is severely brain damaged from the MMR vaccine, requiring 24hr care.

We preferred that our children be naturally exposed to measles, mumps and other childhood diseases at a very early age while they still have their mother's antibodies in their blood. There was always delight on my behalf whenever one of our children was exposed to another child with measles! Sure, it might mean a few days at home with a grizzly kid at home; but the bonus is assurance of raising a bright and healthy child who has immunity of that disease for life.

All of our older children (now healthy adults) have been vaccinated to various extents for various reasons (E.g: by compulsion upon entering military service). Our youngest has had none, so far. The older he is before having a vaccine, the better. It is our preference that all our children are the ones who make the choice when mature and informed - and not by us on his behalf. A bit like choice of religion, if any.

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