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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vitamin K2 Contents of Selected Foods and the turkey neck

If you want your child to have a wide and beautiful face and without need for orhodontics, if you want to have a healthy brain into old age, if you want strong bones and a healthy heart then you need a diet that is rich in the fat soluble vitamins, including vitamin K2. Vitamin K is also known as the "anti-wrinkle vitamin". This vitamin, along with tissue salts containing calcium fluoride and silica is your best protection against the "turkey neck".

Please have a read of the chart below that is from the Weston Price Foundation which is one of the most authoritative sources of information about fats, vitamins and traditional diets.

What you will gather is that the 99% fat free message that is being trumpeted by health experts and the food industry is guaranteeing that the entire population of the Developed World is deficient in Vitamin K2 - and all of the other fat soluble vitamins.

If you go on a fat free diet and especially if you take a cholesterol lowering drug then you risk developing weak, hanging skin, and equally weak veins and brain.

Source of the following details: Weston Price Foundation
  • Natto 1103.4
  • Goose Liver Paste 369.0
  • Hard Cheeses 76.3
  • Soft Cheeses 56.5
  • Egg Yolk (Netherlands) 32.1
  • Goose Leg 31.0
  • Curd Cheeses 24.8
  • Egg Yolk (United States) 15.5
  • Butter 15.0
  • Chicken Liver 14.1
  • Salami 9.0
  • Chicken Breast 8.9
  • Chicken Leg 8.5
  • Ground Beef (Medium Fat) 8.1
  • Bacon 5.6
  • Calf Liver 5.0
  • Sauerkraut 4.8
  • Whole Milk 1.0
  • 2% Milk 0.5
  • Salmon 0.5
  • Mackerel 0.4
  • Egg White 0.4
  • Skim Milk 0.0
  • Fat-Free Meats 0.0

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1 comment:

Wayne said...

the fat that clogs and hardens arteries is cooked , pasteurised and processed fat animal and polyunsaturated.
raw and cold pressed fat clears arteries and keeps htem elastic.