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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We have started up our weekly training runs again

It is easy to blab on about how train this way and that way and I sure do more than my fair share of blabbing!

As they say: "Actions speak louder than words"

Every Thursday evening at 5.30pm we depart from the Brooklyn Wind Turbine for an undulating 8km run around the Karori Sanctuary perimeter fence.  We leave on the dot and travel in an anti-clockwise direction.

Walkers go in the opposite direction and wlk out for about 40 minutes before back-tracking to the carpark.

If you arrive later than 5.30pm, then head round the fence clockwise until you meet up with us and then turn around and head back.

This is a marvelous way to discipline yourself into a regular walking or running programme and to meet others of a simlar mind.  A modest level of fitness required - not much at all - really!

How to find the Brooklyn Wind Turbine...

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Wayne said...

anyone in auckland need company for some fitness sessions, you are welcome to come along on one of he many day and weeknd walks held by the aauckland tramping club and meet the friendly people, moderate fitness only required,

Anonymous said...

What a great idea in that how you cater for walkers and runners and even the late ones.I walk and jog a bit but always alone but your way would suit me fine except "I don't live in Wellington and never will, Queensalnd is much. much better weather!! M W M you know who!