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Monday, October 27, 2008

News Flash!! I can walk like normal!

News Flash !! As I got up of my chair last night suddenly I found I didn't have to pause before "taking off" ---I was able to WALK like normal. I am going carefully, but this morning I gardened for a while and am still able to walk !!!!

This is SO exciting and I feel I have definitely "turned a corner" --not just "peeked round" !!!! Will this all be due to the mixture of pills I am on from you ??? Something has got me going !! Anyway had to share my excitement,and progress.  I am sure my "bottom" is not as tight either.
Cheers, and thanks
Gary comments

Note: When referring to her "tight bottom" she is referring to her piriformis muscles being in painful spasm.

When this dear woman in her 70's came to see me she was assisted up the path by her daughter. She was on several medications for blood pressure and cholesterol and not looking too good.  She was having difficulty moving about.

Being on statins and other heart medications may minimally reduce heart disease risk; but the consequently weakened and doddery person will probably stumble and die of the complications of a broken hip.

I helped her down the path after the consultation. What struck me about her was her willingness to consider alternative pathways to improving her health and she has been a model student.

Natural therapies do work when applied with care tailored to the specific needs of the individual.

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