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Monday, October 27, 2008

Success using flax oil to reduce skin Solar Keratosis

"IT'S TRUE! After living with keratosis on my face for some years, I purchased the oil and to my amazement they're now gone. LIKE MAGIC!! I love you Sir!"
Gary comments
The following is very important for keeping your skin healthy and please forward this article to all of your friends who are on statins and low fat diets.

Its now about 1.5 years since I first noticed an improvement in my skin and over three years since I have been to my dermatologist to get my persistent pre-cancerous skin spots removed (Keratoses - not moles). They have all as good as disappeared without requiring any medical treatment usually consisting of burning them off with dry ice which has caused some scarring over the years. In fact, I have been getting more sun over the last year and my skin is the best it has been for years. How could this be?

About 10 years ago I went onto the low fat diet as most people do in order to reduce cholesterol My cholesterol levels had been creeping up). Now that I reflect on this, I realise that my skin started to deteriorate at about the time my fat intake was curtailed with the worst problem being that my sun damaged areas started to develop thick areas of flakey skin and even ulcertaed raw spots on the back of my hands and on my forehead that stung when exposed to salt water.  I had a few particularly nasty ulcerations on my hands which persisted despite treatments by the skins specialist.

Less than two years ago I switched away from the low fat diet and our family has steadily been working back to a healthy natural foods diet that includes healthy fats, including raw milk. I have really worked on getting fat soluble vitamins and minerals like silica into my daily diet.  I also began rubbing flax oil onto the most seriously damaged parts of my skin - forehead, ears and back of the hands. To my astonishment my skin began to heal. 

Right now my skin is the best it has been in at least ten years with the worst sun damage completely clear.  The last skin kerastosis has dopped off my left ear as of about a week ago.  There is no evidence at all of the ulcerated areas on my hands and forehead.  They have completely disappeared.

I put this down to providing the body with a rich supply of Essential Fatty Acids, including cholesterol all of the Fat Soluble Vitamins and Active Elements Tissue salts.  The other thing is to take one's time - like months, if not years for natural therapies to work their magic.

The videos below have been made over a couple of years and show progress made (Look very carefully at the shots of the backs of my hands).  I will produce a new one soon that shows the progress made since then.

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