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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sore big toes - the manipulation is working!

Hello Gary,
"Amazingly I now have approx 40 % in my left toe and approx 60 % in right range of motion in both big toes (up from 10%) implementing your technique. My great toes were so jammed that my shoe size has actually increased from 12 to 12 1/2 (US mens). The toes are still very sore when flexed. As you can see years of calcification has formed bony growths on the joint forcing the toe to face inward on left toe.

Two questions would be :
1. Should I take a longer resting time to allow for the soreness on top of the joint to dissipate so I can resume running (right now its to sore to even walk much)
2. Would you recommend a spacer or yoga toes at night to allow straightening of the toe or perhaps something else.

Either way I am very pleased with the new Range of motion and am very grateful"
Matt, continue to take your time, mobilising the toes about every 4th day with the time between to ensure they settle and get a little stronger.  The intention is to encourage the laying down of healthy joint tissue, so a balance between stress and recovery needs to be struck.  About 4 days should be about right.

If the pain is anything more than slightly uncomfortable, then I would tend to avoid the offending activity and give preference to activities like cycling and aquajogging for as long as it takes to become pain free and then ever so gradually reintroduce the dodgy activities.  You could look at fitting a pair of Formthotics "At Work" heat moulded innersoles.  These add enormously to foot comfort while reducing impact.  Or you could wait for a wonderful new Formthotics Innersole called "Shock Stop" which I will have available in about one week from now.  The name says it all and the advance samples are impressive.

Take a quality joint food daily for as long as there is any joint discomfort.  I would recommend a small maintenance dose be kept up indefinitely thereafter.

While I have never used the joint spacers myself, I have had many favourable reports over the years.  I see no harm and plenty of potential benefit in using them; but bear in mind that it may take the best part of ten years to see any permanent benefit because the deformities you have are bony.  Walk about bare foot every opportunity you have.  Walking on a sandy beach is great for spreading the feet and strengthening the muscles and ligaments.

Please keep us informed as to you progress, thanks.

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